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Inflation: 11 unions call for strikes to force more government actions

Inflation: 11 unions call for strikes to force more government actions

Paru le vendredi, 03 février 2023 14:58

The Cameroon Workers Forum (Cawof), a group of eleven trade unions, recently invited public and private employees to observe a one-day strike every Monday from February 15 to March 15, 2023.  It also invited the employees to wear black clothes every strike day. The stated aim of those planned actions is to force the government to increase Cameroonianas' purchasing power.

"Particularly, the revalorization, by 30%, of public employees' salaries will not only increase the wages to the levels they were 30 years ago [in 1993] but above all, it will help them cope with the current living costs,"  the Cawof wrote.

It also referred to the 5.2% wage increase announced by the government as an "insult" while explaining that it would not help public employees cope with the high cost of living, which will worsen with the increase in gasoline and diesel prices at filing stations.

Similarly, to enable every employee in every sector (both private and public) to cope with the high cost of living, the group called for an increase in the minimum wage, from XAF36,270 to XAF100,000. The suggested minimum wage is more than twice the XAF41,875 the government is touting but, but the Cawof indicates it is " open to any good faith discussion aimed at adopting consensual social measures like Niger just did."

The group also asked for an increase in the old-age pension of pensioners registered with the national social security fund CNPS.

Michel Ange Nga

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