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831 inmates freed in the Far North

831 inmates freed in the Far North

Paru le mardi, 05 mai 2020 15:30

As part of the remission and commutation of sentences initiated by the Head of State, 831 prisoners have been released in the Far North region. Compared to the total of 3,370 inmates in the region, this makes nearly 25% of the prison population. There remain 2,547 inmates in the Far North prisons.

In Maroua, as of 24 April, 214 inmates were freed over a total of 1,514 prisoners. In Mokolo, 143 people were freed out of 493 registered as of 21 April.

In Yagoua’s prisons, 118 prisoners out of the 496 were freed. According to Cameroon Tribune, the Kaélé, Kousseri, and Mora prisons respectively freed 88 inmates of the 202, 70 of 297, and 92 of 213.

Doukoula prison has freed 15 of 20 inmates, the Makary prison unlocked doors for 46 of the 64 inmates, and the Moulvoudaye prison has released 45 of the 71 inmates.


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