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Cameroonians die on average at 40 years

Cameroonians die on average at 40 years

The answer is:
Posted On Tuesday, 10 January 2017 14:33

Some are absolutely convinced that at 40 years, one must be prepared to expire.

The general poverty and daily difficulties are the reasons given by debaters in bars who declare that Cameroonians die young. In reality, the life expectancy in Cameroon is 55 years based on the figures of the World Bank dating back to 2014. However, next door in Togo, one can generally expect to reach 64 years and 66 years in Ghana. Global health statistics rank Cameroon 158th in terms of countries where people die older, out of 193 countries.

In its report published in May 2015, the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicated that the life expectancy in Cameroon increased with 50 years in 2010 and 57 years in 2014; thus an additional 7 years of life in 4 years.


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