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So, Paul Biya owns a castle in Geneva, on the shores of Lake Leman?

So, Paul Biya owns a castle in Geneva, on the shores of Lake Leman?

The answer is:
Posted On Wednesday, 19 October 2016 07:57

According to a Cameroonian diaspora organisation, Paul Biya is the proud owner of a marvellous castle, located on Lausanne Road, in Geneva.

According to the news website, the Collectif des Organisations Démocratiques et Patriotiques des Camerounais de la Diaspora (CODE – Group of Democratic and Patriotic Organisations of Cameroonians in the Diaspora) isnpired such fright in Paul Biya, that the Head of State hastily took shelter in “his castle” located at 232-234 Lausanne Road in Geneva.

And to support this idea, the castle, presented as “acquired with the Cameroonian taxpayer’s money” in “one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the world”, has even been photographed…

The only problem is, this castle, at 232-234 Lausanne Road in Geneva-Chambesy, belongs to the Said family, well known in Geneva, not to the Biya…

Fouad Said is a rich Egyptian investor who made a fortune in oil services and investments in Asia. His wife, Dina Said, an American, is the founder of the financial service company Pex Global, President of Olympus Capital and CEO of Unifund.

And on the picture, even though the bicycle rider has a flaming hairstyle, everyone can agree that it is not Chantou…

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