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Beware, malicious individuals continue to scam people on Orange Money

Paru le mardi, 12 mai 2020 16:37

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has not stopped online scams. Malicious people are taking advantage of this situation to scam people.

Fraudsters are targeting some subscribers of the mobile operator Orange Cameroon who own an Orange Money account. They call their victims and tell them that their Orange Mobile account is not up to date. They offer to help them remedy the situation remotely, assuring them that this solution is one of the measures taken by Orange to limit contacts in the context of the current health crisis.

Once the victim has given their consent, they are invited to enter a code to ensure their account is up to date. Beware, this is where the scam comes in! Once the code is entered, the scammers will have access to your account and will be able to withdraw the money from it. So be careful!


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