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Conac presents the most corrupt administrations in Cameroon

Conac presents the most corrupt administrations in Cameroon

Paru le vendredi, 18 décembre 2020 17:42

In its 2019 report on corruption in Cameroon (published on December 17, 2020), the National Anti-corruption Commission (CONAC) presented an analysis of 4,482 calls issued by users to denounce corruption practices.

From the report, it appears that the Ministry of Finance and its institutions are the most corrupt. Indeed, the general treasury’s users report the requirement of kickbacks for payments while for the tax directorate, the report denounces fanciful taxes. As for the customs directorate, the report denounces the clearing processes and agents’ corrupted practices.

Next comes the Ministry of land affairs where users report various corrupt practices in the processing of administrative files including pension applications. In addition, some users claim that lands are sold to two persons or bribes are paid to municipal officials for the establishment of land certificates.

The report also denounces law enforcement agencies and transport operators as well as utility companies.

Created via a decree issued in 2006, CONAC helps fight corruption in Cameroon. The institution indicates that within 10 years of operation, it helped save XAF1,652 billion adding that the performances would have been higher if it had coercive force.


Administrations and the number of calls denouncing them

1 – Ministry of Finance (808 calls)

2 – Ministry of Land Affairs (705 calls)

3 – Police and Gendarmerie (672 calls)

4 – Communes (556 calls)

5 – Ministry of Commerce (360 calls)

6 – Ministry of Transport (334 calls)

7 – Ministry of Justice (302 calls)

8 – Ministry of Secondary Education (248 calls)

9 – Ministry of public health (209 calls)

10 – Ministry of Wildlife (114 calls)

11 – Ministry of Social affairs (108 calls)

12 – Others, including the Ministries of Higher Education and Culture, Eneo, and Camwater (66 calls).

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