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Mipromalo’s executive board adopts CFA2.4bln budget for FY2021, up 29% YoY

Mipromalo’s executive board adopts CFA2.4bln budget for FY2021, up 29% YoY

Paru le mardi, 22 décembre 2020 11:27

The executive board of the local material promotion mission (Mipromalo) has adopted a CFA2.436 billion budget for the fiscal year 2021. This figure is 29.38% higher than the CFA1.882 billion allocated for FY2020.

For next year, the mission said it will expand its geographic coverage via the implementation of additional regional centers in underserved areas. It also planned to increase its production tools to better disseminate its research findings in 2021.

Mipromalo will reach its goal by supporting the modernization of the production apparatus and finalizing the financing procedure for the implementation of the fired brick and tile industrial production plant in Douala.

The modernization of the Nkolbisson multi-purpose center is the other challenge to be taken up by Mipromalo. The mission will do that by finalizing the construction of the tunnel oven, acquiring an extruder and a mill. The entity headed by Likiby Boubakar also intends to complete the construction work on the new mission headquarters building.

Created in 1990, Mipromalo aims to promote the use of locally manufactured materials to reduce the cost of building national facilities. Despite the existence of a circular signed in 2007 by the Prime Minister, which prescribes the use of local materials in public real estate projects, cinder block, unfortunately, continues to be the sought-after material by the Cameroonian state. "As long as the state does not ensure that local materials are used in its projects, it will be difficult for Cameroonians to adopt these materials as well," said a Mipromalo official.


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