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Cameroon loses XAF60 billion yearly to fraud in the energy sector, ENEO estimates

Cameroon loses XAF60 billion yearly to fraud in the energy sector, ENEO estimates

Paru le mercredi, 29 juillet 2020 14:15

In the energy sector, Cameroon loses XAF60 billion yearly to fraud, according to ENEO Cameroon, the concessionaire of public electricity distribution. The concessionaire estimates these losses to be above its yearly investment budget (XAF45.7 billion in 2020) or the funds necessary to build two 25-MW solar plants. It is also above the volume of investment required to connect hundreds of localities to the national grid or buy more than 1.8 new prepaid meters, the concessionaire explains.

The volume of losses created by illegal practices is high and contributes to the financial problems experienced by the whole electricity sector. It costs us a lot and is, therefore, a serious threat to the fulfillment of the country's economic and social development goals,” ENEO writes.  

Collusion with some ENEO agents

In its background note informing about the problem, ENEO reveals that these frauds are perpetrated by about 30% of its clients in collusion with some of its agents. It further indicates that over the past 12 months, it handed about 60 heads of those networks to justice. Each of these heads illegally operates, in collusion with some ENEO agents, an energy network able to supply a hundred households. It also fired dozens of its agents found guilty of helping operate those networks.

ENEO also declares that the reorganization and standardization it started in the sector with the support of public authorities is inevitable and aimed at enhancing the security of the electricity network, the installations, agents, and clients.

Also, on July 20, 2020, on public TV channel CRTV, Jean Pascal Nkou, the general manager of Arsel (regulator of the energy sector) revealed that the fight against fraud was necessary for the survival of the sector.

Dominique Mbassi

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