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No, WhatsApp’s “report” option does not allow you to know who checks your picture

Paru le mardi, 10 mars 2020 11:22

"Hi friends, now you have the opportunity to see who's looking at your profile picture in this group. Just click on the three little dots on the far right of your screen and select "more" followed by "report" and select "report" again and it will show you who is secretly looking at your profile picture." This is currently the most popular hoax in Whatsapp groups in Cameroon. Warning! Do not do this if you do not want to be ejected from a WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp used to only allow you to block a contact and delete them from your Contacts list. Now, with the "Report" feature in groups, the user is automatically removed from the group and WhatsApp redirects them to a questionnaire to give reasons for the report.

Clicking "Report" in a group is like filing a complaint to open an investigation. The goal is to make it easier to spot spam accounts. So it's not to see secret admirers as some people think. On the contrary, by clicking the "Report" button, WhatsApp removes the user from the group and opens an investigation into the group to see if it is not dangerous or simply spam.

Sylvain Andzongo

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