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Cameroon: Artists join the fight against Covid-19

Cameroon: Artists join the fight against Covid-19

Paru le jeudi, 02 avril 2020 15:01

Many Cameroonian artists are rallying to increase the publicity of the 13 measures issued by the government to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Their actions range from songs and web series to videograms.

For instance, Inception Art and production firm Bimoulè have launched a web series titled “Stop coronavirus” featuring Taty Eyong, Ulrich Takam, and Lydol.

From the very first minute, the production sends a clear message to the population to end bias: "the coronavirus is not an invention, nor is it a disease that spares black people. It also kills Cameroonians. It kills adults and children as well.”  

Also, singer Stanley Enow joined the hashtag “coronavirus-nepasserapasparmoi” and, in a videogram, he advises followers to be careful and to regularly wash their hands. RnB singer Locko also appears on a poster with the following message “Barrons la Route au Covid-19” (let’s block the coronavirus).

Such initiatives are praised by fans and some even ask them to go further in their mass mobilization. “ Your voices are useful in raising awareness,” one fan tweeted.

As of today April 2, 2020, the official count in Cameroon is 284 cases, 7 deaths and 10 recovered.


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