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SDF MP abducted on Bambui road in Mezam

SDF MP abducted on Bambui road in Mezam

Paru le mercredi, 08 février 2023 15:06

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) MP Wainachi Nentoh Honourine was kidnapped last February 5, the party’s Secretary General Adeline Djomgang confirmed in a recent note.

The incident happened on the Bambui road in the Mezam department, we learned. SDF officials accuse separatist fighters of being the perpetrators and Equinoxe television said they reportedly demand a ransom of CFA36 million for her release. The National Assembly, however, has not released any information about the kidnapping, nor has the government. According to some sources, the MP was taken to the vicinity of Bafut.

Separatists indeed often kidnap people and ask for ransoms for their release. On April 30, 2022, Senator Regina Mundu was kidnapped in Bamenda, the major city in the Northwest region. She was released a few weeks later under circumstances that have yet to be clarified.

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