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Covid-19: MINEDUB calls schools to order concerning restrictive measures

Covid-19: MINEDUB calls schools to order concerning restrictive measures

Paru le mercredi, 10 novembre 2021 16:31

In the present context marked by a rise in Covid-19 cases, it is of utmost importance to respect safety measures enacted by the government. This is the message passed on Monday 8, 2021, by the Minister of Basic Education (MINEDUB), Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa,  in a letter sent to regional delegates, departmental and district inspectors under his ministry. In his letter, the official reminded the population of the importance of respecting the safety measures in the basic education sub-segment.

"To avoid the spread of the infection in the basic education sub-segment, I urge you to strictly apply the said measures in your respective jurisdictions,” he wrote. 

Indeed, the government has issued a set of measures to avoid new outbreaks in schools. Those measures include compulsory face masks, systematic handwashing, physical distancing, and even limitation of the number of students per classroom. 

However, those measures are seldom respected by both students and teachers at a time when the country is hit by a third wave fueled by the Delta variant that is more contagious than the others. 

In his letter, the MINEDUB also asked his collaborators to get vaccinated because he believes vaccination is the safest way to achieve “the desired collective immunity” in the country. 


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