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Southwestern health officials warn against street drug use

Southwestern health officials warn against street drug use

Paru le samedi, 11 mars 2023 04:34

Health authorities in the Southwest region of Cameroon issued a notice warning against the use of street drugs. They put a particular focus on the syrup "Naturcold", which has already caused the death of three children in the health district of Tombel, according to Dr. Filbert Eko Eko, the regional delegate.

The syrup, he said, contains two active agents that present health risks and would be the cause of these three deaths. "Moreover, according to the Directorate of Pharmacy, Drugs and Laboratories of the Ministry of Public Health, this syrup has no authorization for sale, which means that the sale of this drug is illegal," said Dr. Eko Eko.

For several years, the government has been cracking down on counterfeit drugs and street drugs. A multisectoral National Committee to fight against fake medicines and illicit trafficking in pharmaceutical products has been created for this purpose. In addition, the Ministry of Public Health presented in October 2021, a seven-point strategy to speed-up the process. In November 2022, Minister Manaouda Malachie announced that his department was working on the creation of a National Agency for Medicines. The entity will regulate the drug market and strengthen the fight against street drugs.


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