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PNDP plans to recruit young people for 30 projects in the Far North

PNDP plans to recruit young people for 30 projects in the Far North

Paru le lundi, 20 juillet 2020 13:00

The National Participatory Development Programme (PNDP) recently launched a process to select service providers that will implement the social engineering aspect of its project aimed at supporting the economic and social development of vulnerable rural areas in the Far North. 

Known as PNDP Himo Minka, this project, funded by the French Development Agency (AFD), involves the implementation of 30 micro-projects in 25 communes for the benefit of young people who will work as laborers on building sites or benefit from integration activities.

The first component of the project focuses on the preparation and management of the worksites and includes the planning and implementation of awareness and information campaigns, the mobilization of young workers, and their gradual recruitment.

The second component prepares the professional integration of young workers through a preliminary study of the job market and training or the identification and maturation of the young workers' professional projects. The last component concerns professional integration. It is reserved for the individual follow-up of young people, the mobilization of professionals to ensure their technical and organizational coaching, support to structure municipalities’ capacity to follow-up and supervise the young beneficiaries.

The service is scheduled to start in October 2020. The first phase, which will last about 20 months, concerns 23 micro-projects in 18 communes already identified. The second phase, scheduled to start one year after the beginning of the first phase, will concern seven micro-projects to be implemented in seven municipalities in the Far North exclusively.


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