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Coronavirus: Health minister warns against preventive drug prescription

Coronavirus: Health minister warns against preventive drug prescription

Paru le mardi, 24 mars 2020 16:27

The Minister of Public Health, in a circular letter signed March 23, 2020, notes that “some health professionals advise or prescribe drugs as a preventive measure against the novel coronavirus (Covid-9).” According to Manaouda Malachie these medicines include hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

He reminds the heads of health facilities, heads of faith-based purchasing groups, pharmacists who own pharmacies, health professionals ... that so far, “no scientific study shows the effectiveness of any known drug” as a preventive measure, although "some recent studies conducted on a limited number of subjects show the effectiveness of the combination of the two drugs in curative treatment.”

It is important “to ensure rational use of drugs proven effective against Covid-19 and avoid any stock-outs and any resistance to these products that are antimicrobials.” Manaouda Malachie asked health professionals “to avoid prescribing drugs as a preventive measure without any scientific evidence.” It is their responsibility, the minister reminds, to ensure the proper use of these drugs “by reserving them exclusively for people already infected.” Officially, 66 people have, as of 20 March, tested positive for coronavirus in Cameroon.


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