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Cameroon: Life returns to normal in Yagoua after disastrous floods

Cameroon: Life returns to normal in Yagoua after disastrous floods

Paru le lundi, 24 octobre 2022 13:58

Life is gradually returning to normal in Yagoua, Far North region, where just a few days ago people were suffering catastrophic flooding following the overflow of the Logone River.

“Things are getting really better,” said the communication department of the city hall. Although some places are still under water, fears have now faded. Some schools have reopened, as well as the town market, and some roads that were closed a few days ago are now used by people. "However, they (the roads) are in an advanced state of deterioration and some are still closed," said the department. The waters have completely deteriorated several roads from Yagoua to the districts of Mayo-Danay.

Despite this optimism, there is a more difficult problem downstream on the Logone River.  Due to a crack in the dike, the town of Kousseri in the Logone-et-Chari department has been under water for several days. President Paul Biya has ordered a thorough investigation into the causes of these floods that affect a large part of the Far North region. "This time of year indeed is when the Logone River has a high flow due to the rainy season, but this reason is not enough to explain what is happening," said a source.


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