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Teachers’ protest movement: Artists express sympathy

Teachers’ protest movement: Artists express sympathy

Paru le vendredi, 25 février 2022 17:51

Last February 21, teachers initiated a protest movement to demand the payment of their salary arrears and various bonuses. They baptized that protest “Craie morte”. This movement garnered support and sympathy from various artists who consider it a legitimate protest.  

On February 22, rapper Ivee posted a picture of the protesters on his Facebook page with the comment: "We have to admit, the teaching profession is thankless. Teachers deserve better treatment. I can't wait for things to improve in this area. One teacher is equal to several men and women trained for life. Let's not forget that.”

"If teachers are allowed to suffer, then our children will suffer and we will directly be impacted. Take heart dear teachers," the group X-Maleya posted.  

As far as she is concerned, Kareyce Fotso believes that teachers are “knowledge gateways who enlighten us. They can’t be enlightening us while we keep them in a precarious situation.” 

Actor, producer, and director Ebenezer Kepombia, as well as comedian Ulrich Takam also posted messages encouraging and supporting teachers. 


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