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Miss Cameroon stripped of her crown?

Miss Cameroon stripped of her crown?

Paru le jeudi, 02 février 2017 06:32

Is it true that Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack is banned from wearing both the Miss crown and sash?

After several disagreements with the Miss Cameroon Committee (Comica), Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack, 2016 winner of the beauty pageant, has finally been dismissed. Her replacement was officially presented yesterday 26 January in Yaoundé. This was during the launch of the 13th edition of Miss Cameroon. Comica now considers Minkata Angèle Michèle, previously 4th runner-up, as Miss 2016. “The first 3 runners-up signalled their unavailability”, one can read in the official communiqué indicating the dismissal of Julie Nguimfack; who is accused of gross indiscipline. An alibi often denied by the accused.


In a letter addressed on 29 November to the general public, the now ex-miss Cameroon 2016 denounced a media conspiracy against her. “One thing is clear, she wrote: there is a misunderstanding between Comica and myself. In this situation, I have my share of the responsibility which I accept and which is justified by the fact that Comica wanted to give a political spin to the actions and projects of Miss Cameroon while I, Miss Cameroon 2016, want to remain far away from politics and carry out social actions”, she then explained.

Whatever may be the case, by trying to flaunt the “code of conduct” of Comica, Julie Cheugueu riled Ingrid Amougou, President of Comica. In the end, this young 24-year old woman’s term generated a lot of media attention and set many tongues wagging. But not as much as some of her predecessors who were just as disillusioned.

Monique Ngo Mayag

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