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Etons eat soap!

Etons eat soap!

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Paru le mardi, 27 septembre 2016 20:07

Is it true, as is sometimes said in Cameroon, that Etons are avid consumers of soap?

In Cameroon, Etons are essentially people originating from the Lékié district, in the Central region. It very often happens that between two bar brawls or exchanges, an Eton might be describe as a “soap eater”; which will lead to general laughter or a fight; depending on the mood of the taunted individual.

This abuse comes from fabled story which some say is true. The story goes that one day, an Eton of a certain age went to town; to discover civilisation. He had the pleasure of sinking his teeth into some cheese while at his cousin's in Yaoundé. He truly enjoyed the taste.

Once back in the village, he thought he recognised the cheese in the form of some white household soap. He ate the soap with gusto; hoping to find again the taste of the cheese eaten days earlier. But the taste of the soap was altogether different. Annoyed, the man spoke in Eton. Which translated into French, would be: “really, white people's food, some is good, some is bad!”

And so the story spread throughout the country. That is why, since then, Etons have been called soap eaters.  

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