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Is there really a gold deposit in Eseka?

Is there really a gold deposit in Eseka?

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Some people say that the infamous city attracts many gold-diggers. True?

Citizens of Eseka are already stirring the envy because it is said that there is a gold deposit in this town of the Nyong-et-Kellé district. It is true. For some weeks now, groups of amateur gold miners are coming from the other cities of Cameroon and even from other countries to mine the precious metal. “The prefect forbade this uncontrolled mining, waiting to assess the situation more clearly", Guy Samuel Nguembog Sohna, communication manager at the municipality of Eseka, said.

The actual great mediatisation which makes Eseka the new city of gold of Cameroon actually hinders the sad reputation it got from the tragic railway accident it recorded on October 21, 2016. Truth is, ore exploration is conducted there since many years by a specialized firm.

Cameroon's government want to take full advantage of its rich mineral potential to become an emergent country by 2035. This was the reason why the government created a support program for the development of mining activities (programme d’appui au développement des activités minières –CAPAM) in 2003 through a decree by the prime minister.


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