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It is rumoured that CNPS may not process early payments for December 2016 pensions

It is rumoured that CNPS may not process early payments for December 2016 pensions

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A leaflet distributed in Yaoundé says that payments for pensioners will take place, as usual, on 05 January 2017

Alain Noël Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akam, Managing Director of the Caisse nationale de prévoyance sociale (Cnps – National Social Security fund) reported in a communiqué published on 12 December that “individuals seeking to provoke and destabilise”, portraying themselves to be part of “Group of CNPS pensioners based in Yaoundé” have been distributing a leaflet through which they pretend to be against “the cruel decision taken by the Managing Director of CNPS to authorise the payment of the December 2016 pensions to old people after the Christmas and New Year's period, in 2017”.

Mr Mekulu doggedly claims that this leaflet is a fake, and does not even any names despite the presence of about ten signatures clumsily printed by the same hand. Therefore, he repeats and confirms to all pensioners and their parents that “the December 2016 pensions will be paid early, as announced several months ago, starting from 20 December 2016 throughout the country (instead of 05 January 2017 as scheduled by the current regulation”.

According to the MD of Cnps, the authors of this leaflet, easily identifiable, are to be put among the list of those frustrated by the quality of service and the eloquent results obtained by the managing team and hardworking personnel. “Some sponsors and the agents they bribed are currently being sued for similar previous actions. They cynically hoped that, in these particular moments for our country, to add to the destabilisation by pointing out the Managing Director”, Mr Mekulu reveals.

Sylvain Andzongo

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