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No, Complexe chimique camerounais (CCC) has not been sold to Dangote group

No, Complexe chimique camerounais (CCC) has not been sold to Dangote group

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Paru le jeudi, 28 février 2019 18:27

Rumors have it that Fadil group sold CCC to Dangote group. Is it true?

Complexe chimique camerounais (CCC), specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of soaps, has not been bought by Dangote group. Unlike what the rumors claim, CCC is still the property of Cameroonian group Fadil.

Dangote Group belied the information. In addition, Samir Saidani, deputy managing director, explains: “this information is totally wrong. It is a misinformation and destabilization campaign orchestrated by dishonest people.

The crosscheck at the trade ministry reveals that CCC has not been sold to Dangote. "In the record we have here, there is no trace of CCC’s sale to an investor, be it foreign," the communications unit of the ministry indicates.

On the other hand, CCC plans to diversify its activities following the restructuration it completed recently with the repayment of a debt of XAF5.5 billion to Commercial Bank of Cameroon and Bicec.

Fadil Holding is currently preparing to go into the manufacturing of beauty products and liquid soap.



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