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Yes, is a scam website

Yes, is a scam website

Paru le mercredi, 03 juillet 2019 16:12

The stink of another scam is in the air!!

People have been sharing this link recently on WhatsApp suggesting it provides a free Internet bundle worth 1,000 Go. Others say it is a lotto link that can win one a visa to Canada or products from l’Oreal.

This is a scam. The link actually leads to a website where the user is invited to answer a questionnaire and then asked to send the message to a large number of his contacts to win his prize; No prize is obtained however.

In this type of scam, when the link is clicked, either the Internet user is encouraged to download an application (which is actually a malicious software); or he is asked to provide his personal information, which is then shared with marketing companies.

Sometimes, the fake website may be infested with viruses or spyware that can be installed stealthily on the device to collect and transfer personal information. A good way to deal with such scam is to ignore the original link.


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