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Has Cameroon really closed its borders with Nigeria?

Has Cameroon really closed its borders with Nigeria?

Paru le mardi, 03 octobre 2017 05:59

Traffic between the two nations is said to been stopped until further notice.

In the framework of the curfew measures in the southwestern region, the land and maritime borders of this part of the country are closed. It implies that this part of Cameroon is closed to Nigeria. According to the governor of the south western region, the movement of people and goods between Nigeria and this part of Cameroon was on stand-by since Friday, September 29 at 9pm to Monday 2, 2017



That said, there are 5 borders between Cameroon and Nigeria: South West, North West, Adamaoua, North and extreme north. This closing order only affects the south western border which is as sensitive as the north western border during this Anglophone crisis. The other parts are thus open to Nigeria, in addition to the air space.

Furthermore, Cameroon share about 1,000 km border with President Muhammadu Buhari’s country. The south western border is just a small portion of the borders even though the threat of attack is actually increasing.

A credible source informed that Manyu’s (south-western’s border) border officials were instructed to use their weapons if necessary.

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