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The Police is the most corrupted sector in Cameroon?

The Police is the most corrupted sector in Cameroon?

The answer is:
Paru le mercredi, 04 janvier 2017 15:36

The image of a policeman taking money to let a lawbreaking driver pass, seems to be recurrent on the main roads in Cameroon.

The phenomenon has imprinted on the collective mind and led to the assertion that the Police is the most corrupted sector of activity. This is indeed what transpired from the survey published in 2015 by the organisation Transparency International. Out of a sample of 1,182 adults (above 18 years), 56% believe that the most corrupted institutions among the citizens in Cameroon are the Police and the Tax Office agents (54%), against 18% for religious leaders. This is therefore still a general perception.

We can very well imagine that witnessing on several occasions drivers of taxi, old buses and other faulty vehicles, passing bribes to the “uniformed men”, Cameroonians finally convinced themselves that the Police is rife with corruption. A scourge which, according to Transparency International Cameroon is “one of the three main preoccupations in Cameroon, after unemployment and health”. According to this organisation, this disease could be cured with the adoption of an anti-corruption law admonishing illegal accumulation of wealth and the implementation of Art. 66 of the Constitution, on the declaration of property and assets. An issue that will just not go away…



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