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Is the Facebook page "RFI France-Afrique" authentic?

Is the Facebook page "RFI France-Afrique" authentic?

Paru le vendredi, 05 octobre 2018 03:18

Currently, a picture supposedly published by RFI and inviting an opposition candidate's supporters to support another one, is being shared on social media. It this image real?

On October 3, 2018, a picture supposedly published on "RFI France-Afrique", a Facebook page supposedly created by RFI (Radio France Internationale) was extensively shared on Facebook and Whatsapp. The message on this picture claims that Cameroonians think they have been betrayed by Cabral Libii, UNIVERS party’s candidate, and are supporting Maurice Kamto, the candidate of Cameroon Renaissance Movement or MRC.

This is a hoax. On the image, the page on which the message was published is "RFI France-Afrique" but, even though on the picture, there is an icon that looks textually like the one used by RFI, Facebook search results show no such page with that name. There are many authentic RFI facebook pages for different shows, in different languages and even specialized pages (dedicated to sports, culture, knowledge) as well as a dedicated page for Africa RFI Afrique. Apart from the mention on the above-mentioned picture, the Facebook page RFI France-Afrique could not be found anywhere.

In addition, on the RFI page dedicated to Africa, there is no post about the news on the picture. It is, therefore, an edited image providing a fake news.

Rose Sende

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