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No, Haïs was not the victim of a road accident

No, Haïs was not the victim of a road accident

Paru le lundi, 07 janvier 2019 19:06

Some pictures posted on the group’s official account suggest that the singer is hospitalised following a serious accident. True?

No, Haïs Haitem, the "white boy" of the musical band X-Maleya, has no wound nor fracture. All we could get from a credible source is that the trio just created a buzz to attract the public. Are they preparing a clip for their sixth album? This is likely.  

Let’s remind that they adopted the same strategy in April 2016 for the launch of the clip of "Mon mariage". Some intriguing pictures made believe that Kelly White, a well-known moderator and Roger Samnig, X-Maleya’s lead vocalist, got married. This was later found to be a fake marriage when the clip (in which the two were happy to get married) was unveiled.

Anyway, the trio have always been the subject of fake news. The most recurrent is the one about their splitting.


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