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Is it true that Maahlox would have liked to promote the lions’ new jersey instead of MHD?

Is it true that Maahlox would have liked to promote the lions’ new jersey instead of MHD?

The answer is:
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Some people are shocked by the clip with the French rapper promoting the jersey

Puma unveiled the new jersey of the indomitable Lions of Cameroon, with this video clip

The national football team’s outfit manufacturer made some enemies by choosing MHD, a French rapper from Guinea, to promote this jersey. This includes the rapper Maahlox who posted vicious comments on Facebook about this choice, claiming he or any other Cameroonian artist should have been chosen.

3714 Foot

Obviously, what many people do not know is that MHD has been the brand ambassador of Puma football since April 2017. In simple terms, the 23 years old singer has been chosen to represent the German brand’s ideals and products. This is not the case (not so far at least) for Maahlox or any other Cameroonian singer.

Roger Milla

Moreover, not only is MHD the face of Cameroon’s new sports jersey but, he also lends his image to promote the new jersey of the elephants of Côte d’Ivoire.

Furthermore, the relationship between MHD and Cameroon is closely related to his esteem for Roger Milla, the famous goleador, to whom the “prince of afro-trap” dedicated a song titled “Roger Milla” in 2016. This song is actually played as background music in the clip promoting the new jersey of the indomitable Lions of Cameroon.

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