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Reniss is apparently the Indomitable Lions’ favourite singer

Reniss is apparently the Indomitable Lions’ favourite singer

Paru le vendredi, 10 février 2017 06:40

It is said that the new African champions really enjoy her hit song “La sauce”. True ?

All throughout the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) which just ended yesterday, a song was played with every victory of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. At the end of every match, Benjamin Moukandjo (Captain), and his teammates would not stop chanting “Dans la sauce”; adding to this snatch of lyrics the name of the their previously devoured opponent.

This is actually the chorus of the song “La sauce” by the young Cameroonian singer Reniss, released in 2016. A chorus always belted by Ambroise Oyongo (left wing) and repeated by his colleagues at the end of the match.

This anthem with erotic connotations generated a lot of comments in Cameroon and climbed through the hit lists of some television and radio channels. Its rousing chorus visibly left the dancefloors and moved to the pitches of Gabonese stadia where the Lions defeated their opponents one after the after. They put them in a “sauce” well done this Sunday.

As competition hedged towards the consecration, the chant was expanded with “Senegal dans la sauce, Ghana dans la sauce, and finally Egypt dans la sauce”

Taking over from their footballers, the fans of the Indomitable Lions took to the streets, celebrating the victory of their team by chanting along the “sauce” song and banging pan covers (literally).


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