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Not all driving schools in Cameroon have permits

Not all driving schools in Cameroon have permits

Paru le lundi, 11 février 2019 17:54

Over 100 driving schools in Cameroon have just been suspended by the transport ministry.

People thought all driving schools operating in Cameroon have required authorization as none of them has been sued for non-compliance with regulations. Well this is sadly not the case. The proof is that more than 100 such schools across the country have just been suspended by the transport ministry. They were “exposed following inspection of their approval files, as part of the reorganization of procedures to obtain drivers’ license ; a move that aimed, among other things, at reforming the register of the country’s driving schools,” a communiqué published Feb. 1 by the transport minister, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, said.

Fake documents were found in the approval files submitted by some schools, we learnt. “Taking into account how grave the issue is, the minister of transport asked for a thorough investigation into the matter and as a precautionary measure suspended the ‘false’ agreements of the concerned schools,” the statement stressed.

Founders of these schools are also banned from pursuing activities. The department says the measure will secure the entire process for obtaining the transport documents but specially driver’s license.

An external review of the assessment and updating of the national strategy to ensure road security instructed by the government found that human factor is the core cause of accidents in Cameroon. The goal behind the review is to identify illegal driving schools and ensure that all applicants for driver’s license submit their files via authorized schools.  


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