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No, whiskey does not improve with time!

No, whiskey does not improve with time!

Paru le mercredi, 11 juillet 2018 18:26

Some people think that if they keep their whiskey for  a long time, it will improve just like wines.

Many Cameroonians think that when they keep whiskey in a bottle for a long time, it will improve just as wine does. Well, it is false.

Boissons, vins et spiritueux (BVS), a company specialized in that sector, just dispelled the myth. “Unlike the products from our vineyards, whiskey stops improving once it is put in a bottle. It is therefore needless to wait before drinking it.  It will not improve with time", the company explained.  

It added that if an unopened bottle of whiskey can be stored for decades, once it is opened, it should be drunk within 3 years because over that period it would surely change.

 “In theory, the years inscribed on the bottle is the first criterion which determines the price. However, we should balance it with the time spent in barrels” said the company which added that if some types of whiskey can be kept for longer times, some others couldn't since as time goes by, the alcohol content decreases and the taste could change.


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