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Is it true that there is no toll gate on the road between Yaoundé and Ebolowa?

Is it true that there is no toll gate on the road between Yaoundé and Ebolowa?

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A post, shared by many social media users, seems to condemn the absence of tolls in the central and southern regions of Cameroon. Is it legitimate?


Tolls are a guarantee for intensive commercial activities on the site where they are built. They are also an alibi for those who nurture tribalism.

A social media user claimed, in a post shared many times, that the 300km-long Douala-Bafoussam road has four tolls while the Yaoundé-Ebolowa road, long of 200km, has only one. Actually, the original poster is wondering why there are more tolls in the western part of Cameroon than in the central region.

The truth is this: the Yaoundé-Ebolowa axis consists of two tracks of about 160km each. It has two tolls, one at Nsimalen in Yaoundé and the second one at Mengong, near Ebolowa’s exit.

There are many inconsistent facts in the post like the absence of tolls on the Yaondé-Kyé-Osi road. On this axis, there are four tolls. The post also claimed that there are only two tolls on the Douala-Yaoundé road but, there are actually three: the toll at Akoa Maria after Mbankomo, the toll at Boumnyebel and the toll at Edéa. Let’s recall that generally, “tolls mark the exit of a county and the entry point of another one”. 

Automatic toll gateway

The number of tolls in a county is not that important. The most important thing is the management of the funds they generate” a journalist revealed. Indeed the tolls generate around CFA4 billion every year and, as a reminder, every driver must pay CFA500 there. To ensure a better management of these funds, Cameroon’s government has been promising to move to automatic toll gateways for some years now.  


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