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K-Tino honoured with the Chevalier de l’Ordre et de la Valeur award

K-Tino honoured with the Chevalier de l’Ordre et de la Valeur award

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Paru le dimanche, 13 novembre 2016 20:11

Since the singer gave her life to Christ, her career seems full of blessings.

It is true. Proof of this is the medal “Mama Bonheur” received this Tuesday 8 November on the plaza of the National Museum of Yaoundé. On the fringes of the 8th edition of the National Arts and Culture Festival (FENAC), the author of the hit song “Ascenseur” was decorated Chevalier de l’Ordre et de la Valeur Camerounais (Lady in the Cameroonian Order and Valour), just like hundred other artists (Charlotte Dipanda, X Maleya, Marthe Zambo, Koko Komegne etc) and cultural sponsors.

Too bad for those who wonder what merits the “7ème ciel” singer promotes through her music. The singer was all smiles that Tuesday morning in front of the photographers who rushed to capture her blue flowery dress for posterity.

For the occasion, “Mama Kati” indeed exchanged her distressed jeans and above-knee skirts, for an ankle-length long dress. As if to convince those who are still reluctant to believe in her spiritual turnabout.

Whatever may be the case, “the woman of the people” has just released the single she recently announced. A song which starts with “Alleluia” but does not stray far from her usual artistic style. A production which has as its rhythmic basis, bikutsi, with a long list of names of friends in the acknowledgement. The cherry on top of the cake, choice phrases against sabotage and saboteurs. The latter will surely end up in hell…

Monique Ngo Mayag

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