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There is an escort agency in Yaoundé

There is an escort agency in Yaoundé

The answer is:
Paru le dimanche, 13 novembre 2016 20:28

It is know that Yaoundé junctions are ridden of prostitutes. There is another type of prostitution, less visible, paving its way in the Cameroonian capital...

Escort girls are in the building, according to a gripping investigation published by the daily Mutations in its 1 November edition. We learn in it that these high-end prostitutes are “managed” by an agency with peculiar “professional” methods.

There, the keyword is anonymity. One can read that the madam sells the services of her girls at the highest prices: FCfa 15,000 per hour; FCfa 30,000 for an evening; FCfa 100,000 to 300,000 for a weekend. A trifle for the rich clients seeking pleasures in secret.

We learned that the clientele of these escort girls is recruited among politicians, artists, lecturers, etc. Which is to say that wealthy men are most welcome in this company specialised in seduction and more.


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