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Nathalie Koah soon on the big screen?

Nathalie Koah soon on the big screen?

Paru le mardi, 14 février 2017 10:01

Is it true that the “Revenge Porn” author will soon feature in movies?

The online news site “” recently announced Nathalie Koah on the big screen. It was said that the now infamous former mistress of Samuel Eto’o Fils would play a role in the next feature film of the young Cameroonian Nkanya Kwai.

The project was actually ongoing when relayed the news. But it died on arrival. Consequently, the partnership between Nathalie Koah and Nkanya Nkwai will be no more.

A short video however showed the young lady quite excited by the idea of working with Nkanya Nkwai. “I believe in his talent. And he knows how to showcase actors”, Nathalie Koah said to the press, during the Cameroon International Film Festival (Camiff) in Buea in October 2016.

All of which to say that the “Revenge Porn” author has not yet found her spot in the cinema world. She is however involved in an audio-visual project; a television programme, in particular. Her company (holding), of which she is the CEO, is specialised in relooking, video production, general trading, services and agriculture.


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