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Yes, parents can tear the chapter 4 pages out of the 7th grade science book

Yes, parents can tear the chapter 4 pages out of the 7th grade science book

Paru le jeudi, 15 novembre 2018 16:04

The pages related to the chapter 4 of the science book "L’Excellence en Science classe de 5ème" will be removed

The head of the National Learning Materials and Textbook Approval Board, Jean-Paul Komon, signed November 12 a statement concerning the chapter 4 of the grade 7 science book. According to the statement, following instructions from the high school ministry dated 17 September, 2018, the editor of the “Grade 7 Excellence in science,” (L’Excellence en Science classe de 5ème) is asked to remove the book from sale and publish a new version that includes another chapter 4 titled “Health education: reproductive health”.

However, what the press release doesn’t mention, explains Marcelin Vounda Etoa, the Board’s permanent secretary, is that “parents who already purchased the book can remove the concerned pages themselves”.

The secretary said it will take at least 3 months for the publisher to replace a book already printed in 75,000 copies. “The publisher will remove the chapter 4 pages. A note at the cover page will explain the discontinued page numbering,” he said.

As a reminder, a petition was filed on the Internet against “L'Excellence en Science classe de 5ème” on 6 September, 2018. “This book contains pornographic, shocking images. In addition, it refers to sexual practices not adapted to young children (fellatio, cunnilingus, etc.),” the petition denounced.

Sylvain Andzongo

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