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Following a road collapse, the Douala-Yaoundé route can only be travelled by plane…

Following a road collapse, the Douala-Yaoundé route can only be travelled by plane…

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Without the road linking them, the political and economic capitals of the country appear as if separated by an impenetrable wall. True?

The Manyaï bridge collapsing on the Douala-Yaoundé road, this Friday 21 October, broke the link between the two main cities in the country. Certainly, transporting people and goods become quite an issue. Many see in this divide, a metaphor for the Berlin wall which cleaved Germany into two. Journeying between Douala and Yaoundé is indeed rather complicated by road, but not impossible. There are many options to link one city to the other. While awaiting the completion of the repair works according to the secret timetable set by the Ministry of Public Works, travellers can use the Douala-Bafoussam-Yaoundé road and put up with a journey of at least 10 hours. There are also winding bypasses through small villages such as Boumyebel-Eseka-Nguibassal-mandjack- Lipombe-makak, Otélé-Ngoumou, etc.

Instead of killing so many hours in a vehicle which begs to be sent to the mechanic, those most in a hurry and more or less wealthy can fly. Incidentally, for the occasion, Camair-Co revised its prices for the Douala-Yaoundé flight: FCfa 25,000 for a one way and FCfa 30,000 for a return ticket.

As a reminder, the “Douane Bridge” in Mokolo, a town located in the Extreme-North of the country (whose capital city is Maroua), also collapsed on 19 September after a heavy rain. Thus cutting into two, the only asphalted road in this town. A series of bridges collapsing which, obviously, still surprises the Ministry of Public Works.


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