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Buzz on social networks with rumours of a plane crash in Bafoussam

Buzz on social networks with rumours of a plane crash in Bafoussam

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Paru le mardi, 25 octobre 2016 18:29

While the country is mourning the victims of the catastrophic train accident in Eséka, rumours abound on social networks about the crash of a plane from the national company’s fleet…

The train catastrophy which occured this past Friday in Eséka, leaving about a hundred dead, sparked a wave of panic on social networks. Rumours of other accidents abounded, among which the crash of a plane of the national company Camair-Co on the landing strip of the Bamougoum airport, close to Bafoussam. Others mention a car burnt during the landing of flight QC272 in this part of the country.

This rumour was strongly denied by the governor of the Western region, Awa Fonka Augustine. In a communiqué published on 21 October, the latter “wishes to assure the constituency’s population as well as the general public that the airline service route launched on 14 October 2016 by the company Camair-Co and linking the city of Bafoussa to Douala and Yaoundé is running well”.

065 communique

Obviously, the rumour of a plane crash in the Western region is also due to the late arrivals of the QC272 flight, which this 21 October, actually made several trips.

Having left Douala for Bafoussam, QC272 did an unexpected detour by Douala due to some “dense fog” preventing it from going directly to the Western region. It finally landed at 12h25 before taking off fifteen minutes later for Yaoundé. Afterwards, QC272 came back to Bamougoum to leave for Douala at 16h5. A rotation which is proof of the low numbers of aircraft in the fleet of Camair-Co.


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