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During funerals, mourners are paid

During funerals, mourners are paid

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You arrive at a funeral of an "boss" or a "baby" and there is a group of women rolling on the ground. They are weeping so loudly, one would say that they would willingly depart with the deceased into the next life.

Well, if some of them are rolling around so much on the ground, it is to pull the wool over your eyes. Ah yes, yes! Some of them are paid to cry....crocodile tears. And it is not the Association of FemaleMourners (AFPC) who conceal the fact.

Geraldine, one of the members of this group of professional mourners does not hesitate to inform the potential "client". What do you want to know? If they practise crying? Yes, yes. Every good player must warm up before the big match. And that is what the association does every Sunday evening in the Mvog-Mbi neighbourhood in Yaoundé. If one of these days, you are in the area don't be surprised to see women between the age of 35 to 60 sobbing as if there has been the death of a human being. Anyway, don't they work for the dead? What else do you want to know? The price list?

Get at least "FCfa 100,000" ready if the crying is to be done in the city of Yaoundé and at least FCfa 200,000 if it is outside town. The client can splash out even more than that if he is very satisfied with the delivery... Indeed, at the funeral venue, the mourners very often move the "guests" to the point where envelopes of support to the grieving family rain down. And the aim is thus achieved. Moreover, don't be surprised to see more female mourners at rich people's bereavement. They have the resources ; for the good of Geraldine's association ; first of its kind in Cameroon, even if experienced mourners are legion in the region of West Cameroon. The idea of an association of wailers in Cameroon was learned from Côte d'Ivoire. It goes to show, the business of tears is without borders and can even make one laugh until one cries.

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