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Is Facebook planning to launch a campaign against abuses on social media on April 1st?

Is Facebook planning to launch a campaign against abuses on social media on April 1st?

The answer is:
Paru le mardi, 27 février 2018 16:27

Yet, some users claim that it will launch the “campaign of no abuses” on April 1st.

Recently, a campaign titled campaign of no abuses is being shared massively on Facebook. Users claim that on April 1st, Facebook will start sanctioning anybody who uses profane words. Even though the word profanation is inappropriate here, the objective of these messages is to sensitize against offensive behaviors and comments on the social media.

In view of the atmosphere of aggressiveness that sometimes reigns on Facebook pages or groups for Africans, this measures could be welcomed. Unfortunately, Facebook did not launch the said campaign.

The campaign is far from the standard of Facebook’s traditional dynamic ads (video or picture). Moreover, none of the articles cited in the campaign can be found in Facebook’s charter.

Nonetheless, fight against abusive behaviors and comments is part of the social media’s community standards. Facebook prescribes mutual respect and reserves the right to restrict access to sensible contents such as nudes, explicit or violent contents.

Users can also filter what they see and sensitize their communities. They can also notify Facebook of abusive contents. Facebook will then review those reports and sanction accordingly.

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