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No, Scdp is not recruiting

No, Scdp is not recruiting

Paru le mardi, 27 août 2019 18:44

A social media post claims that the Cameroonian oil company has launched a direct recruitment process. Is it true ?

In a message being shared since last week on Whatsapp, a man claiming to be an employee of Cameroonian oil company Société camerounaise des dépôts pétroliers (Scdp) “informs” a woman that last Monday, his company proceeded to a “direct recruitment.”  

The man invited his recipient to "quickly" send the full records of her two kids for the said recruitment because there is a limited number of positions to be filled. Sources at the Scdp inform that the company is not presently recruiting. Indeed, this message is a scam scheme. First, the numerous errors in the message already point that this could not be a serious thing.

In addition, the name Delphine Molo epse Belinga, written in the message as director of human ressources is not an employee of Scdp, our sources indicate. Another point is that on Scdp’s website, there is no mention of a “direct recruitment.”  

What can be found on the website is calls for interest, the recent one dated June 26, 2019, being for the pre-qualification and engineering cabinet in charge of the construction of two 6,500 m3 reservoirs. Let’s note that these types of messages have been circulating for years now. Last year, Stop Bla Bla Cam even debunked one of them.


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