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Hysacam belongs to former French Head of State Jacques Chirac

Hysacam belongs to former French Head of State Jacques Chirac

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Mr Chirac certainly visited Cameroon twice in 1999 and 2001, but does that make him the owner of this company in charge of waste collection?

Jacques Chirac, former French Head of State (from 17 May 1995 to 16 May 2007), currently 83 years old, could be dumbfounded learning that he is the owner of the company Hygiène et salubrité du Cameroun (Hysacam). At least, some Cameroonians are absolutely convinced that this company in charge of waste collection in the country belongs to him. Absolutely not.

Fact is, when this company was created in 1969, it was a subsidiary of the French group GranJouan. Up to this point, it is true that there is a French influence. Only, in the early 90’s, Hysacam faces difficulties after heavy financial losses. And the French shareholders have a single goal: finding a buyer. A restructuring is carried out the team led by Michel Ngapanoun, with the assistance of a dozen of engineers, senior officers and specialists. GranJouan ultimately sells its shares (80%) to the Ngapanoun team in 1994.

Currently, Hysacam is in relatively good financial health. It brought its capital from 5 to 6 billion in 2015. A situation which given confidence to the 5,000 employees as well as the 15 million people who benefit on a daily basis from its services in its 13 national branches and its 4 African subsidiaries (Niger, Chad, Benin, Liberia).

Which does not necessarily mean that everything is running smoothly for this company who, this year, again had employees demonstrating to claim better work conditions. Common ground was finally found in October 2016 between the top management headed by Michel Ngapanoun, CEO of Hysacam, and the social partners.

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