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Bamenda is currently under shutdown

Bamenda is currently under shutdown

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Paru le jeudi, 12 janvier 2017 08:52

The capital of the North-West region is currently the scene of demonstrations hostile to the government. It is said that inhabitants are forbidden from leaving their homes. True?

Last Monday, the town of Bamenda was actually declared “Ghost Town” or under citywide shutdown by the consortium of Anglophone demonstrators. Practically everything was closed: markets, schools, etc. However, that same Monday 9 January in the evening, the same consortium issued a communiqué inviting the general population to come out and resume normal activities. “But the protestors banned primary and high schools from reopening”, confided an English-speaking journalist, from Bamenda. In fact, going to the market, resuming any other income-generating activity is all, all except going back to school.

The official day to return to school was however this 9 January. We are thus slowly moving toward a lost academic year in this part of the country. As a reminder, Anglophone teachers and lawyers demand a fair management of the Republic’s wealth between the English-speaking and the French-speaking areas of the country. They regret “the marginalisation and under-development from which the population in the English-speaking regions are suffering”. The most radicals are advocating a return to a federalist system as before the independence. Negotiations between the government and the disgruntled population are ongoing. The to-ing and fro-ing of ministers to the North-West region does not seem to help put an end to the recriminations.

Monique Ngo Mayag

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