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Yes, some economic operators illegally export rice from Cameroon

Yes, some economic operators illegally export rice from Cameroon

Paru le jeudi, 13 septembre 2018 18:53

Some Cameroonian consignors illegally export rice to neighboring countries

Illegal rice export is a recurring problem in Cameroon. This is confirmed in a memo published September 12 by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

According to the institute, the volume of rice imported has increased since 2013, “driven by higher demand at domestic level and in neighboring countries, Nigeria and Chad in particular, to which the crop is re-exported illegally by land”.

INS said small exporters used bypass roads, usually by motorcycle to avoid customs controls. “Sometimes, they cross borders with small volumes before rebuilding stocks once the border is crossed,” the Institute revealed.

In Cameroon, paddy rice production increased by 12% to 311,674 tons in 2016 thanks to continued extension of rainfed rice cultivation and the distribution of chemical fertilizers. However, much of the local rice production is exported, sometimes illegally.


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